Plenary Speakers: Novel Ecosystems with Emily Gonzales and Brad Pinno!

Don’t miss out on the early bird tickets!

Particularly if you’re interested in Emily Gonzales and Brad Pinno’s talk: Novel Ecosystem Restoration which will take place on Wednesday February 14th.

Brad Pinno is a silviculture and forest ecologist working with Canadian Forest Service and Natural Resources Canada. Over the years, Brad and his team have studied how trembling aspen, and other environmental indicators, have respond to disturbance in Northern Alberta. Much of his research is aimed help inform reclamation and logging projects.

Emily Gonzales specializes in restoration ecology, conservation strategies, and species at risk management with Parks Canada in Vancouver. She has employment experience with government, non-profits, independent consulting, and academia. Emily is trained in facilitation, engagement and Indigenous awareness, and creates linkages among government, stakeholders, policy makers, researchers and Indigenous people.

In this plenary they will share how restoration ecology is being applied in novel ecosystems in two very different environments: from dynamic British Columbian coastline – to – the mighty Alberta boreal forest.

We are SO excited for them to share their knowledge and stories with us.

This topic will become increasingly relevant as we adapt to managing changing ecological regimes across Western Canada.


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