Plenary: Bringing Back Bison to Banff National Park with Karsten Heuer

Karsten Heuer is the Bison Reintroduction Project Manager for Banff National Park, a job he describes as the “most stimulating” in a 25-year as a Park Warden and biologist in Alberta and the Yukon. He has taken a few leaves of absence in that time to follow endangered wildlife across the Arctic and along the Rocky Mountains on foot and skis. He has won many awards for the best-selling books he has written about those journeys and for the documentary films he co-created with his wife (e.g. Being Caribou, Walking the Big Wild, Finding Farley).

In February 2017, Parks Canada began a 5-year pilot project to reintroduce North America’s largest land mammal (bison) to Canada’s first national park (Banff). Join us for some behind-the-scenes stories of the politics, biology, logistics and philosophy of trying to restore a large and sometimes threatening animal to a place where it’s been missing for 140+ years.

Below are some photos of this project in action.







Photo credit: Parks Canada/Karsten Heuer