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  1. Natural Processes for the Restoration of Drastically Disturbed Sites

Instructor: David F. Polster, R.P. Bio.

How disturbed sites can re-integrate with natural successional processes to create productive, self-sustaining ecosystems.

  1. Urban Restoration Design Workshop

Instructor: James Godwin MLA, BCSLA, CSLA

Discussion of opportunities, challenges, and complexities of integrating ecosystem restoration in urban and semi-urban contexts.

  1. Peatland Restoration Workshop

Instructor: Dr. Bin Xu

Sharing current knowledge and practices to restore boreal peatlands disturbed by resource exploration/extraction activities in Alberta.

  1. Marine Restoration Planning: Making Progress in Unsettling Times

Chair: Nikki Wright, SeaChange Marine Conservation Society, and other presenters T.B.A.

Several presentations on estuarine and nearshore restoration, with break-out discussions and a panel discussion!


They are all offered Feb 13 2018 at SFU Burnaby.
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