Directions to SFU Burnaby by Car or Transit

SFU Burnaby…just because it’s on top of a mountain, doesn’t mean it’s easy to find!

Follow the link below for directions to SFU by car, by bus and by train.

To help you a little more:

Photo 1: By Car. We highly recommend you park at the North Parking as it is closest to all conference activities. From the North Parking you should be able to enter Saywell and Blusson Hall, it’s the big building overlooking the parking, right hand side of photo.







Photo 2: By Car. View of North Parking lot.







Photo 3: By Bus. We recommend you get off at the last bus stop “SFU Transit Exchange Bay 3”. This bus stop is also near the north parking, and all conference activities. Getting off here will bring you only a minute walk away from registration. There will be signs directing you where to go – the closest university building is Blusson Hall – from which there will be signs directing.







Photo 4: By Bus. View of Blusson Hall from SFU Transit Exchange Bay 3.







You can see all these locations on our Conference Map!











Have a safe trip up and we look forward to seeing all of you soon!