Where to Eat and Local Hot Spots

If you’re looking for a place off campus for a bite, well, google maps is your friend!

There are a few places on Hastings, which is only a 10-minute bus ride away, (take the 95 down to Kensington or Fell) and along there is a sushi place, a greekplace, a steakhouse, a Vietnamese place and even a pizzeria, along with a few others – like White-Spot and Tim Hortons.





You are sure to find something you desire.

If you’re feeling adventuresome to explore Vancouver, go downtown! If you’re planning a whole day downtown, here is the perfect plan for you:

There’s a delicious bakery called Purebread, on West Hasting, go find it and eat your little heart out of delicious baked goods for breakfast, truly, one of the best bakeries, you won’t regret it.

Then go to the SeaWall around Stanley park for a nice cool refreshing walk, it’s a long walk (about 2 hours, give or take), so wear something cozy. Once you’re hungry again stop by for lunch at Hubbub Sandwiches on Hornby.












Then, because you’re close to it and it only closes at the end of February, go skating in Robson Square!







Once you’re all done with that, and if you’re hungry again, go to Noodle box on West Hastings for a nice hot bowl of spicy peanut thai goodness, or anything else on the menu.

And most of all, make sure to enjoy your time here!